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Elysium Royale utilizes smart contracts to oversee game results and bets, resulting in a fully decentralized gaming experience. This leads to quicker, cost-effective, and more efficient transactions compared to standard online casinos.

Players can unlock the potential for passive income through participation in Elysium Royale’s Proof of Stake and Masternode consensus blockchain. By setting up Masternodes or staking their Royal coins, users actively contribute to the network’s security and efficiency.

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Royal Lottery

Royal Lottery will be blockchain-based platform that enables users to participate in lottery draws for a chance to win exciting prizes.

Elysium Royale’s Lottery provides a secure and transparent way for users to participate in lotteries, with all results verified on the blockchain and no need for intermediaries.

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Each hand is resolved through a smart contract that ensures fairness by shuffling the deck and randomly dealing cards, while also holding player funds in “escrow” until the hand is finished. Players can then use the platform’s tokens as chips, allowing for seamless and transparent betting


By using a random number generation algorithm, the outcome of each game can be determined automatically and recorded on the blockchain, ensuring fairness and impartiality. Players can use the platform’s tokens as in-game currency, making transactions fast and seamless.


The smart contract shuffles the deck and deals cards to players, as well as handling bets and paying out winnings. Ensures a fair and transparent game by automatically resolving hands based on standard blackjack rules, and paying out winnings to the winning player’s account.


On Elysium Royale, Baccarat is played by players betting on either the player’s hand, the banker’s hand, or a tie. The outcome is determined by a random number generation algorithm in the smart contract, which records all transactions on the blockchain

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